Belt weights

Freedivers use belt weights to compensate for excessive buoyancy.


The need for weights is very variable, depending on water salinity, wetsuit thickness, lungs volume, body composition. More salty water,

thicker wetsuit, bigger body, more lung packing increase the needed weight.


There is a very large choice of weight models and forms in dive shops. Few of them are stylish and streamline. Although we made our own design, sleek and good looking and comfortable to wear.


- Anatomically curved to fit to the body well

- No angles or square corners

- A slightly sub-standard weight for exact weight belt adjustment, and for combining with a weighted collar

- It will add an elegant touch to every standard belt

Price for one single weight

7 7 euro

One single weight


400 gramm



- Width: 62 mm

- Height: 82 mm

- Thick: 14 mm

- Belt slit: 6 mm x 50 mm

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