Freediving buoy

Freedivng buoy is a must-have for open water deep diving sessions.
All buoys that we used within 5 years for pre competition preparations and training caused many problems. We developed a buoy that had no imperfections that seemed critical to us.

We developed a buoy that you can take to Dahab and to the Philippines. To dive sites near Moscow or to Greece, or wherever you make up your mind to go. No pump needed to inflate a buoy. A buoy that is comfortable for training and teaching, and stays in service for more than 1 year of constant tough usage.
A buoy is repaired in no time with a repair kit.
During that time we designed prototypes and tested them with students during freediving courses, training sessions and pre competition preparations. 
We reworked and redesigned versions, changed components and manufactures.
We had been improving buoy designs within 2 years.
Buoys were tested both in mild conditions (Dahab) and in severe environment (Gelendzhik, a resort town in Russia; Greece and the Philippines). We used them for diving from boats, motor boats and trimarans, for shore and reef diving.
Each testing session resulted in design modifications. And finally we got a perfect buoy that met all our demands.

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There is no worse situation than going to distant places for a 7-day diving trip, and instead of diving one must hunt through the stores and service shops to find anything that can revive a buoy and bring it back into operation.
With these thoughts in mind, we developed a buoy with no parts that could tear or break.
We excluded zippers, sliders, meshes and excessive fabrics. We minimized number of parts. We added a durable mesh that, if torn or cut, could be fixed in a blink by tying, and impact proof buckles that could be replaced in 5 minutes with whatever was available at site.


With mesh as a cover, our buoy has enough internal space to store a lot of line rope and freediving equipment.
Cover height (storage capacity) is adjustable by straps with buckles and secures all equipment inside a buoy.


Our buoy is made of durable PVC plus PU boat material.
PU prolongs longevity of PVC.
It is a tiny sea boat per se.
Solid Fastex plastic buckles.
Durable straps.
Mesh woven of a rope with 300 kg tensile strength.


Dive site shall be properly indicated to avoid any water accidents. For that reason a buoy has a very bright signal coloring.
For safety a buoy allows a diver down flag mount.


A freediver can hold on a mesh cover and straps all around buoy during dive preparation and floating on the water.
A freediver can quickly grasp a mesh cover in case of ascending in emergency situations or in strong waves.

No blind zones

Cover 4-spot fastening allows access to the buoy internal from any buoy side. No cover fastening blind zones: no areas from which a buoy internal is inaccessible.


The internal of a buoy is observable thanks to mesh cover. No time wasted searching for any particular item.

Convenient line anchoring

Reworked line anchoring to the buoy's bottom provides visibility of carabiners and knots from water surface. You can keep your head above water, and tie knots and clip them to a carabiner. Very important in rough waves.


Masks, nose clips, snorkels and carabiners can be quickly attached to the mesh cover.


Weight of 70 cm buoy is 2800g. Weight was reduced through minimized usage of PVC fabrics. No unnecessary PVC material. Also a buoy performance is increased.
A mesh cover with buckles weights only 100 g.


Reworked line anchor system is used together with See-saw line lifting system. The fixation strap of D-ring is used for foot support.


A buoy does not overturn when you lean upon it

Буй для фридайвинга

For comfortable buoy usage:

Recommended freediver number per 70 cm buoy — max. 3 Recommended 11 mm line length shall be max. 90 m

Recommended freediver number per 75 cm buoy — max. 4 Recommended 11 mm line length shall be max. 120 m

Using buoy at sub-zero air temperatures is not recommended.

Buoy price


70 cm -  205 EUR
75 cm -  220 EUR

A buoy consist of:


1. 1 pc Inflatable PVC toroid-shape shell with bottom 
2. 1 pc Boat valve
3. 4 pcs Carry handles
4. 1 pc Flag / reef line mount
5. 4 pcs Straps for mesh cover fastening with Fastex male buckle
6. 4 pcs Mesh cover with Fastex female buckle
7. 4 pcs Eyelet hole (sea water-resistant)
8. 1 pc D-ring with strap as reworked line anchoring
9. 1 pc Eyeloop for line securing
10. Repair kit (incl. 1 pc. Fastex plastic buckle, 1 tube glue, 1 pc. patch material).
11. 1 pc Buoy transportation bag



70 cm buoy - 2800 g
75 cm buoy - 3200 g

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Буй для фридайвинга
Буй для фридайвинга
Буй для фридайвинга
Буй для фридайвинга
Буй для фридайвинга