Titanium crotch strap

This strap is keeping the weight belt on the hips, preventing it from descending on the lower ribs while diving head down.

We all had one day this "pleasant" experience when the weight belt is unexpectedly falling on the ribs, because of wetsuit compression or because the elastic belt was not tighten enough on the hips. If there were 2 or 3 kg of lead, it is bearable, but when 5 kg are bumping against the ribs it is quite a shock.


A simple strap well known by spearos for years, is not moving into freediving for no reason at all.


A clip holds this crotch strap on the belt in the back, and a slide ring holds it on the buckle prong in the front. A thin cable runs between the legs from clip to the ring. A plastic sheath tube on the cable softens any pressure from the weight belt.

This simplistic design is saving the ribs from shocks, and avoids any need to excessively tightening the belt. Resulting less constrained movements add to relaxation and pleasure of freediving.

Titanium made clip and slide ring will not corrode in sea water. They are strong and lightweight.

The cable is easily and securely adjusted in seconds.  It is a very useful and light and comfortable to wear crotch-strap.


There is no any slightest obstacle for dropping the weight belt: as soon as it is unbuckled, the ring slides off the prong and all it goes into the abyss.



30 euro

Clip and slide ring are made of titanium

Dimensions (mm)

Weight (gr)



Clip: 80 х 11 х 10

Ring: 20 х 36


Belt with Marseillaise buckle only (i.e. the one with a prong)

When the weight belt is unbuckled, the ring slides off the prong, liberating the strap and not hindering the release and drop of the belt.

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