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Nose clips have been around in the water for a long time.

Initially they prevented water from entering the nose and sinuses. With deeper dives and newer compensation techniques, nose clips have evolved into better material and design. Today a good noseclip is tightly sealing the air from escaping the nasal cavity. The depth reached with a leaky noseclip is lesser than the depth with a good clip.

Besides this must have sealing capability, here's a list of all the features a good noseclip should have: 
= possibility of tightening the clip for even a few cubic cm of escaped air might ruin a dive and cause an early turn
= stay firmly clipped, instead of slowly loosening up
= secured in place even on slippery sunblock
= remaining pain-free over one-hour sessions (well-rounded edges vs sharp) 
= easy to clip with one hand before a dive (while the other hand is holding the cable on a rough sea dive for example); 
= strong to avoid being bent or broken during a dive or just before a start thus ruining a competition;
= lightweight;
= small size;
= enjoyable vivid color and sleek look

We feel the Sealteam Noseclip is the best money can buy today, the one most reliable and comfy to wear

Tight on the nostrils

These anatomy-fitting pads are best for tight and comfortable squeeze on the nostrils. It was pioneered by Czech freedivers, and adopted by most manufacturers, Swiss,  Chinese or US

Secure grip

Nothing is more frustrating than failing a dive because of faulty equipment. Such example is air escaping thru a noseclip during equalization. You won't have this issue with this clip. It holds virtually like a vice

Fine-tuned force

Any degree of tightening the clip will be final because there's no knurls or dents on the shaft. The alloy, and size and shape of the slider-on-shaft tolerance are chosen for optimum clip-and-release functionality and durability

Smooth squeeze

The nostrils stay pain-free even after long sessions. The pads fit the anatomy, the clip slides smooth and clips securely in any position with the exact force you feel being right


Again the smooth slider-on-shaft fit makes easy to clip it one-handed. This is welcome for wavy dives, when you really need the other hand to hold on the rope


The noseclip is made of aluminum alloy 2024. It's an excellent aerospace alloy with strength similar to common constructive steel of grade C, though 3 times lighter. The alloy comes with heat-treatment, so we machine the clip out of a block to keep the material at it max strength 

Will not slip

Felted natural wool of the pads feels soft and grips the nose well even over greasy slippery sunblock


Feels incredibly light, only 9 g 0.3 oz


Eyes are happy to look at a brightly optimistic color, and it is easy to find one's clip among other's gear in a boat; The Alu-alloy is dyed after anodizing, which is good against corrosion



45 euro + delivery

Option: noseclip without logo +15 euro

Size and dimensions:

 Size L (fits most adults)
Dimensions, mm: 44 x 42 x 25
Inches: 1.7 x 1.6 x 1


Size S (for smaller noses and kids)
Dimensions, mm: 44 x 34 x 25
Inches: 1.7 x 1.3 x 1


Color choices:​

01 - gold
02 - red
03 - sky blue
04 - purplish red
05 - green
06 - purple
07 - silver (no dye)
08 - black


If you want to buy several clips of the exact same tint of a color, please buy at once. Indeed dying every batch of anodized pieces gives each time a unique tint due to small variations of temperature, alloy composition, anodized surface finish, machining tool wear (and the exact tint across batches would not justify spending money for it). 

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Weight (without the strap)

9 g = 0.3 oz


Neck-strap with a silicon stopper

Filling the form : your email, address, name, noseclip size (L or S). For each clip you are buying: color.

Delivery cost is added to the price above, we have tested different mailing options for speed vs. cost, please say your preference

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