Freediving stretching prop

Пропс для фидайвинга
Пропс для фидайвинга
Пропсы для фидайвинга
Пропсы для фидайвинга
Подставка для пропса
Пропсы для фидайвинга
Пропс для фидайвинга
Пропсы для фидайвинга

The flexibility of the ribcage, diaphragm, and shoulders is crucial for freediving. This freediving prop helps to prepare for deep dives
and for pool swimming.

You will gain ease of movement and a quick upgrade of your technique for:
- dolphin kick
- streamlining the body for gliding
- saving energy while keeping the body straight during swim and glide
- relaxing the diaphragm under water pressure
- increasing inhale and exhale volumes




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The prop comes in 4 sizes for optimal fit to your spine length.

An optional small support helps to fine-tune the tension on spine and arms.

The prop is a simple and robust build, it is made of wood.

Пропс для фридайвинга


 size 1 - 60 euro
size 2 - 65 euro
size 3 - 70 euro
size 4 - 75 euro
Support - 20 euro


Full payment is required before manufacturing and delivery

Time from order to delivery


For choosing the right size of the prop, please provide the following:
1. Your height in cm or inch
2. (this one is a bit tricky) The length of your spine to the 7th neck
vertebra in cm or inches. Here’s how to measure it. Bend your head
forward, chin on chest, and feel with your fingers the most protruding
vertebra at the base of your neck, at shoulders level. Sit on the
floor against a wall, and pencil mark this 7th vertebra on the wall.
Use a metal tape to measure from the floor to the marked measurement
on the wall.
3. What practice style you’d prefer: soft or hard?

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