Passion for seawater and freediving drives many of us. At SealTeam we love to dive and we compete at national and international level. Happy to share this experience we teach masterclasses and freediving courses.

Advanced freedivers and beginners and spearos alike benefit
immediately from SealTeam Andrey Matveenko and Tanya Zemskikh years of training.

Perso bests in competitions are 227 m DYN, 120 m CWT, 7:11
STA for Andrey, and 205 DYN, 73 CWT, 6:03 STA for Tanya.

For deep training we are based in Dahab Red Sea and Philippines and Bali in winter, and in Gelendzhik Black Sea in summer. Also we keep in touch with the Freediving Federation pool in Moscow University of Sport for our pool practice and the latest science of freediving. Our routines are rooted in the Federation methodology.

Competitions teach all of us the hard way about any error in training. So we compete to self-experiment and to bring a quicker and safer learning to the freediving community.

Before freediving Andrei was spearfishing in the land of volcanoes on the Pacific coast of Kamchatka. After getting a degree in economics he moved to Gelendzhik to work in a marine geophysics services company before resigning to freedive full-time.

Tanya was doing nine-to-five for many years in a metal trading office with her degree in alloy steels engineering. She discovered freediving and fell in love with it and after several competitions and amazing underwater experiences she changed her life. Today Tanya is competing and teaching freediving full-time.

Обучение фридайвингу | Команда котиков
Обучение фридайвингу | Команда котиков

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