Titanium pulley for freediving

This pulley goes on a freediving buoy. It is handy for setting the rope length for a desired depth, and for pulling up the rope with

relative ease after a freediving session.

Indeed the rope with its weight attached is often pulled up and down to different depths several times during a day. Without a pulley it

takes time and effort, especially in rough seas and with the heavy weight at the bottom end.


Your pulley system saves muscle fatigue while pulling up the rope and helps setting the rope length precisely. A built in cam cleat will

automatically grip the rope tightly.


The pulley is a must for freediving instructors, since they are setting different depths for each trainee up to 20 times a day.


200 euro


Side plates, Pins, Cam, Baseplate, Bolts: titanium

Wheels: strong plastic Delrin®

Bearings of the sheave wheels: stainless steel


mm: 125 х 180 х 35

inch: 5 x 7 x 1.4


without the swivel: 380 g (13 oz)

with the swivel: 540 g (19 oz)

Serviceable design

The pulley may be easily taken apart for maintenance, and eventually to reduce it's volume for transportation

Strong side plates

Both side plates are 3 mm titanium. Such thickness is comfortable against your palm when handling the bottom weight, and it is virtually indestructible


Titanium won't rust in seawater, thus side plates, cam, baseplate,

bolts, pins, all will stay free from corrosion

Sheave wheels

Large diameter to avoid damaging the marking on the rope

Securing the rope

A hole in the handle will allow to additionally secure the loose end

of the rope and guarantee it from a release by error

Quick setup

A two-parts pin of the cam is removable to quickly put the rope around the wheels without pulling through the whole length of the rope


The pins of the cam and wheels are designed to avoid accidental

unscrewing or loosening


Sheaves have their bearings designed for sailboats. Intended for maneuvering heavy sails, they will greatly reduce your efforts while

pulling-up the bottom weight.


To be able to use the pulley from any direction around the buoy, the

pulley has a swivel on top of it. A freediver will rotate the pulley towards him- or herself without disturbing fellow freedivers recuperating around the buoy

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