Weighted collar for freediving

A weighted collar reduces the effort to pass though positive buoyancy zone in freediving. It is limited in weight compared to weighted belts, but is more comfortable and requires less attention and effort to stay vertical during free fall.

The weight is usually in the range 500 - 1500 grams (18 - 50 oz), more or less. It depends of wetsuit thickness and freediving skills.


Sometimes we switch wetsuits in the course of a day, depending of weather conditions, especially in competition. Going from 1.5 mm to 3 mm wetsuit obviously requires a different weight.

The weighted collar is an excellent alternative to widespread use of bike tubes weighted with lead pellets

- possibility to quickly within a minute add or remove weights

- It does not leak lead-charged water

- 14 mm (0.5 in) thin

- no obstacle to extend hands over head

Weight is evenly distributed on the collar

Weightless feel

Precise length adjustment

Visible color

When laying on your back and breathing before a dive, the collar is not weighting against the throat.

It feels virtually non-existent on your neck

This adjustment is important to avoid bumping your chin with the collar while duck-diving

Colored straps for easy identifying the collar among others in a boat or on the edge of a pool

Ошейник для фридайвинга
Ошейник для фридайвинга
Ошейник для фридайвинга
Ошейник для фридайвинга

Each weight


150 g (approx. 5 oz)

Price for one separate unpainted weight


3.5 euro

Max number of weights on a collar

one row: up to 7 or 8 pieces (1050 - 1200 gram = 37 - 42 oz)

two rows: up to 14 or 16 pieces (2010 - 2400 g = 4.4 - 5.2 lbs)

Dimensions of one weight

width: 40 mm

height: 35 mm

thickness: 14 mm

slit for the strap: 5 mm x 22 mm

Strap color options

Red, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Dark Green, Pink, Purple, Gray

Strap fastener options

- Fastex

- Velcro

Prices of the strap


- with Fastex: 12 euro

- with Velcro: 12 euro

Other uses:

It is o.k. to use this weighted strap for legs or waist, just specify the circumference for strap length and color, the number of weights and the preferred fastener.

To purchase your weighted collar, please provide the following infos


1. Circumference tape measured around the middle of the neck

2. Intended range of total weight of your collar (we will deduce the

strap length)

3. Color of the strap

4. Color of weights (or unpainted) and their number

5. Fastener option (Velcro or Fastex)

5.1. If Fastex, which color (may be different from the strap)


When sliding the strap into the weights, insert the soft velcro end into the slits, not the rigid end (i.e. not the one with velcro hooks).


Painted lead weights are not plastic coated (to keep them thin), so the paint will end up by progressively falling off. Handling the collar with care will extend paint life.

Стропа для ошейника
Пряжки для ошейника

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